Alaska Heart Run 2016 Race Recap (Anchorage, Alaska)

The Alaska Heart Run was this past weekend and it was a great race for me. I knew that I would have a faster time than last year, but it was still very exciting to get a new PR. My goal was to finish the 5K race in under 22 minutes, and I crossed the line at 21:32. I had hoped to be a little faster but since I was sick for nearly six weeks (a cold that turned into a nasty case of pneumonia) and had to take nearly two full weeks off from running I was very happy with my time.


Gun time, chip time was 21:32

I was really proud of my sister too, who ran the race in 26:26, much faster than she ever thought possible. It was her first 5K race, she did the 3K with her youngest son last year because she was too scared to do the 5K race herself. She has come so far and worked so hard. Just another reason I love running, it can be so empowering!

Mikey is a five year old boy at my parents church who is a two year heart-transplant survivor.


After the race we went to South for brunch, and our dad met us there after finishing a CITO event that morning (our dad is the president of Geocache Alaska – CITO = cache in trash out). I devoured some french toast, eggs and bacon…so good!


Next race on the plate for me will be the Trent/Waldron at the end of May. I’ll be doing the 10K and am hoping for another PR in that race. We are moving from Palmer to Homer in May (a subject for a whole other post) and so it will be interesting to see how that affects the race. Last fall I participated in Raven Run Club and loved having the coaches telling me when/what for my workouts. Over the winter I decided I would hire a coach for the 2016 running season, and that is even more of a priority for me now that I will be in a new place making new running friends and new routines.

I decided to hire my friend and Raven Run Club coach Michelle from PR Coaching and am so excited to see how I will grow as a result of her guidance and support. Anyone consider hiring a coach? Or maybe you already have? I’d love to hear any experiences with coaching at the non-elite level.


  1. Awesome time, Whitney!! Super speedy! I’m a little bummed I’ll be leaving Homer just as you’re getting here! But maybe we can sneak in a couple runs together if there is time. Excited to hear more about working with a coach. That was actually one of my New Years resolutions as something I wanted to do this year, but then the glute injury sort of postponed that. I’m focusing on recovery and physical therapy for now, but plan to get in touch with Michelle when I get the green light! Congrats on the great race!


    • I am SO sad. I keep thinking about what rotten timing it is! I wish we could have made it sooner, but I’m glad that we can at least keep in touch via social media! We will definitely have to sneak at least one or two runs in before you go! When you’re feeling up to it, definitely get in touch with Michelle! I’m very excited to get her professional help now, instead of just picking her brain as a friend haha.


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